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“Shark Shield” Demonstration Coming To Port Orange Store

  • 2 min read

Port Orange, FL – A seminar on a device that uses an electrical field to repel sharks from divers and others who like to go into the ocean will take place Monday night in Port Orange.

Scott Wilson – a co-owner and sales manager of “Shark Shield” – will be on-hand to show off the device starting at 7pm at the Spruce Creek Scuba store on 1646 Taylor Road in Port Orange.

Wilson says their device is the only scientifically and independently tested shark deterrent product out there for purchase, with some of their products going for between $599 to $649.

The Australian-based company just opened up an office recently in the Tampa area and have just started marketing their products in the United States.

Shark Shield is a device that attaches to items like surfboards, kayaks, scuba gear and other such items. There’s also a version that can be used by spear fishermen.

When in operation, it emits an electrical field that is centered around the wearer and creates a 20-foot barrier around the wearer where sharks will not enter.

Wilson says sharks won’t go past that active barrier even if there’s chum or blood or anything else inside that’s sure to attract sharks.

The product has been featured on FOX Business Network, ABC Radio, and National Public Radio since it was first launched in Australia 12 years ago.

Wilson says it was created and perfected in the western Australian town of Perth, which is as well-known as New Smyrna Beach in that part of the world for shark bites.

Shark Shield’s technology is based on more than 20 years of scientific research by some of the world’s leading shark experts and is used by the Australian Navy, the US Coast Guard and professional divers and spear fishers around the world, among others.

Wilson said there’s plans in the works to eventually adapt this technology for use in protecting beachgoers while they’re swimming in the water.

Click here for more about Shark Shield.

Original story: http://newsdaytonabeach.com/shark-shield-demonstration-coming-to-port-orange-store/

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