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Nearly two weeks ago, I was abalone diving off of the California coast in an area known for Great Whites and attacks. I have had several encounters with GWs in the past so I purchased a Shark Shield and mounted it inside my dive tube with the tail going through a hole in the bottom of the tube.

In the middle of our trip a large white, about 18′ came straight at me, it was viewed by the people in the boat, not me. They warned me about the shark, I thought it was farther away from me than it was...
I own a Shark Shield & it has prevented at least one attack on me by a great white shark.

I dive for abalone and spear fish for halibut in an area that is infested with great white sharks. The Marine surveyors have most of them tagged and say there are 3 to 5 in the immediate area where I dive at any given time. While diving for abalone I had a great white shark come straight in on me, he was 7 feet away from me when he made a hard left turn when he entered the protected area. I...
I am very happy to now be enjoying my surfing again. I grew up surfing the south west of WA (Great White central!) and never really thought much about the risk, but since having kids and with the issues we’ve had up here on the north coast of NSW, my primary source of relaxation quickly turned into a source of anxiety.

Just last Friday, Sharpes Beach near home was evacuated by the DPI helicopter as a 4m white was very close to the beach. I felt very comfortable paddling out at the same spot the next morning with my new Freedom...
With all the shark attacks lately, it sure gives me some peace of mind knowing I have the Ocean Guardian FREEDOM+ Surf on my side just in case I have an encounter with a shark.

Just thought I’d let you know that I’ve just returned from 10 days camped at Cactus (Penong).

Surf every day, often 3-4 sessions. The shark Shield didn’t skip a beat, charged up easily in the car and didn’t bother the car battery, even though it didn’t really have the engine started throughout. Only time it went flat in the water was after about 6-7 hours over 3 sessions without a charge.

Breaking hard 5-6ft on occasion but hardly noticed the Shark Shield (mounted on the board), except the odd kick after getting cleaned up and rolling in the white-water, resulting in the...
After using the original surf unit for the last ten years or so, the lack of an electrode cable when recovering a board in the impact zone was a revelation. No shocks, no tangles. The joy factor definitely lifted.

On one session I found that the power module was intermittent, and then stopped working. I put that down to a poor connection, so thereafter washed the terminals with fresh water whenever removing for charging, and was careful to ensure the power module was pushed home with screws just tight enough. I’ve had 8-10 sessions since with no problems.

I use an Ocean Guardian for peace of mind. I have a wife and two young kids and I want to come home every time after I’ve been in the water. Before I bought my Ocean Guardian, I was questioning continuing with my surfing.

Initially, I thought it felt heavy, but once I was in the water, I felt nothing. I can quite easily feel seaweed on my leg rope, but with the Ocean Guardian there was no noticeable drag either paddling or surfing.

The price of a Ocean Guardian for that peace of mind is totally worth it.
October 2018: I think your product (FREEDOM+ Surf) is great, it makes me much safer in the sharky waters of south east Florida and it is very sharky. First rate customer service too. This company stands by their products.

Just some feedback from our weekend at Stilbaai.

We both surfed together on the Saturday late afternoon at Morris Point, conditions were actually ominous- or felt ominous…some surfers came out because they felt uneasy being alone in the water.

We paddled out and only turned our devices on once we got through the break – we were definitely aware of the Shark Shields- either through a consistent pulse or a light shock with take offs…this was at first something to get use to and also sometimes on the take offs a little disturbing – but peace of mind that the shield did...
He replied that the shark was moving in the wave, a few meters from him but heading towards me at a mean speed, as it got extremely close to me it just, cartwheeled backwards. I would like to think that this was when it was in `the shark shield` zone. I asked Andre what he wanted me to do. His response was “fxxxk, just come and sit here next to me and to allow me to take the next wave”, which he scurried into and went in over the rocks. I on the other hand was still feeling pretty stoked...

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