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Captain Scott Childress, Commercial Spearfisher, Gulf of Mexico, USA

  • 2 min read
I am a full time commercial spear fisherman and I am always looking for a way to increase productivity. Over the last few years, we have had more and more issues with sharks on the west coast of Florida. They slow us down and even become dangerous. Due to this, I became interested in Ocean Guardian and was given the chance to test one. I have been diving with the Shark Shield about 7 months in an attempt to personally determine its effectiveness. I can say, without a doubt, “THE OCEAN GUARDIAN WORKS!” I don’t know if it is 100% effective, because almost nothing in life is guaranteed, but I can tell you that I have had fewer encounters with sharks than others on my crew who were not using the Ocean Guardian. Several of my crew have even borrowed my shield when I was not in the water and had the same results as myself. The sharks I have seen have been inquisitive to aggressive and have all done 180 degree turns when entering the field that the Ocean Guardian produces. I have purposely shot multiple fish, after having sharks show up, in an attempt to get them fired up. They have definitely gone into feeding mode but would still not come into the field. I have had to deal with Duskys, Sanbars, Bulls and one Mako, which was the biggest shark I have seen in my diving career. I was super happy to have the Ocean Guardian on when that Mako showed up! My confidence in the Ocean Guardian’s effectiveness has increased my production and allowed me to continue to harvest fish after sharks show up. I trust that the Ocean Guardian is keeping me from being “blind sided”.

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