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Attila Izdebski, Surfer, Cactus, South Australia

  • 1 min read
attila-izdebski-surfer-cactus-south-australia-0.xxx? I just like to thank Shark Shield for the SURF7, as it gives peace of mind surfing the Mid Coast & West Coast of South Australia. On those days of long lulls between sets & wave conditions being fairly random, I now feel less exposed wearing my Shark Shield SURF7.

I have several boards that are all fitted for the Shark Shield SURF7. Embracing change seems difficult for older crew, surfers especially seem slow to adopt something that potentially will save their lives & enhance their enjoyment in the water. I must admit it took a few sessions to get used to the Shark Shield SURF7, although the perceived encumbrance of the antennae did not occur. I now would not surf without one & thoroughly recommend all surfers to embrace the technology, if not for themselves but their wife’s/girlfriends & families.

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